Why invest in a holiday lodge park as opposed to a holiday house?

Why invest in a holiday lodge park as opposed to a holiday house?

Holiday lets are a fantastic investment option if you’re looking for a way to create a new income stream and grow your wealth. If you’re considering investing in a holiday property, there are several different types you could consider, as well as different models of earning money from them. Two of the main options that you could consider are investing in a holiday house or choosing to invest in a holiday lodge park. Both could be lucrative investments, but there are some excellent reasons to pick a holiday lodge park over a holiday house.

Investing in a holiday lodge park with GladePark Investments gives you the opportunity to benefit from a hands-off, short-term investment. There is a lot less risk involved when compared to investing in a holiday home that you must manage yourself. When considering which is right for you, it’s important to recognise the advantages and disadvantages that you could be dealing with.

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Reasons to Invest in a Holiday Lodge Park Over a Holiday House

Holiday lodge investments offer a range of benefits to investors. Compared to investing in a holiday house, they can be the simpler, more affordable option that fits neatly into your investment goals. Here are some of the key reasons to choose a holiday lodge park investment over investing in a holiday home.

Short-term Investment

When you choose to invest in a holiday house, it will typically be a long-term investment of at least ten years or more. That means it could be a while before you’re making a profit from your investment, and perhaps your main way of making money from it will be selling the property later. However, when you choose to invest in a holiday lodge park, you gain the advantage of being able to invest in the short-term in a way that helps you to fulfil your investment goals. Investing with GladePark Investments can net you an income for up to 5 years, and you don’t have to invest for decades to get a return on your investment.

A Hands-Off Experience

Traditional holiday homes require a lot of maintenance. First, you need to get them ready to let. This can take work, sometimes even requiring extensive renovations or redecoration before they can be put on the rental market. Once you start renting them out, there’s all the maintenance and care to consider. You need to manage bookings, housekeeping, routine and emergency maintenance, and more. All of this can be very time consuming and expensive, making it a less desirable option for anyone who doesn’t want to be so involved with their investments.

If you want a more hands-off or passive way to earn money from investing, a holiday lodge park investment could be much more suited to you. When you invest in a lodge park, you leave all of the management up to the management company. Choosing the right management company is crucial when you’re looking for the best holiday lodge park investment. A reputable company will take care of everything for you, including customer relations and maintenance. You can enjoy the hands-off approach and have little to do with actually managing your investment.

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Lower Costs

The costs of owning and renting out a holiday home shouldn’t be underestimated. There are many different costs involved, and they can quickly pile up. On top of the initial investment that’s required, owners of holiday homes also need to think about maintenance costs, furnishing and decor, utilities and other services, cleaning, marketing, booking fees, and more. All of these costs make owning a holiday house expensive and mean that it’s difficult to turn a profit, especially when keeping up occupancy rates is a struggle.

Investing in a holiday lodge park is much more affordable. There’s no need to worry about costs such as maintenance, bills, marketing, or maintaining safety in the property. Additionally, you won’t pay extra for management fees, which you might be paying if you choose to get someone else to manage your holiday let.

No Depreciating Asset

Purchasing your own holiday home means that you have to consider the risk of depreciation. This could be a particular risk if you choose to buy a holiday lodge, which might depreciate as much as 15% in the first year. However, when you choose a short-term investment in a holiday lodge park, you can avoid this risk of depreciation. GladePark Investments provide you with a 5-year fixed income guarantee and our compulsory buy back scheme means that you avoid the risk of a depreciating asset.

Looking to Invest in a Buy-To-Let Holiday House?

GladePark Investments makes investing in hands-off holiday lets much easier. With a short-term commitment and a 5-year fixed income guarantee, investing in one of our holiday lodge parks is much more affordable than investing in a holiday house. Not only do you drop many of the costs involved in a traditional holiday home purchase, but you also avoid many of the responsibilities that come with it. There’s no need to take care of booking guests, maintenance, cleaning, marketing, or any of the other duties that are required when you invest in a holiday home.

Investing in a holiday lodge park allows you to benefit from a flourishing market without the burden of a depreciating asset that requires a lot of time and attention. You can benefit from a lucrative investment without sacrificing time and money that you can’t afford.

Whether you’re new to investing or have years of experience, our luxury holiday lodge investment opportunities are a great choice. Speak to a member of our investment team today to learn how you can get involved with this exciting holiday lodge investment opportunity.

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