A contemporary eco lodge like no other 

Torp Lodges by Samlingen

If you are looking to invest in the future of sustainable holiday park lodges, then the sophisticated design of Samligen’s Torp lodges are the solution. The Torp lodges design is exclusive to Landal GreenParks UK.

Inspired by Swedish Design

Using natural materials and strong geometric forms, Torp represents a defined aesthetic. Inspired by its Swedish designers, light defines the space by paying particular attention to how outdoor views can be enjoyed from all aspects of the interior, opening out from the exterior over the surrounding landscape.

The interior is fully equipped with a large open kitchen diner, storage provision, a master suite with ensuite private balcony, child-friendly bedrooms, and outdoor seating.

Designed with comfort and compactness in mind, Torp provides all the requirements for a luxury stay in a modern, highly insulated environment.

Inside the Factory: Making Our Torp Lodges

Investing in the future with sustainable design

Created and constructed by architects who incorporate sustainable design as an integral part of their work. Torp Lodges acknowledge an increasing demand for sustainable stays and as such, utilises timber frames, LED lighting, and a range of measures to reduce energy consumption in their design and build process. Further customisable options for the lodge include green roofs and solar panels.

These Scandinavian-style lodges demonstrate both sustainable luxury and quality craftsmanship.

GladePark support the future of investment, so we must invest in the future. We strive to be financially profitable whilst environmentally sustainable.

In keeping with the park’s environmental build, our resorts will be powered by green energy with renewable power generation on site in the form of PV and wind turbines. Our ‘zero to landfill’ policy means no single use plastics on sale at the site, while extensive tree planting and a wildflower meadow are planned to create a sustainable future.

Kevin McCloud takes a tour of Torp Lodges at Grand Designs Live

Attendees of Grand Designs Live got the chance to experience Torp Lodges for themselves with a purpose built lodge taking pride of place in the exhibition hall. Designer, presenter and general architectural icon, Kevin McCloud, had a sneak peek around the lodge.

About Samlingen

Samlingen is a collective of luxury leisure accommodation, providing alternative and premium solutions to the holiday and leisure sector. Leading-architectural techniques and eco-conscious design are combined in a selection of innovative holiday lodges and glamping units.

Architecturally designed from the ground up. The idea of Samlingen was birthed from the directors of leading London architect practice, Studio Anyo. Having a number of high profile projects within their portfolio, a team of professionals have come together to create leading-edge leisure accommodation which offers alternative solutions for resort land owners.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about our Torp lodges. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Speak to a member of our team today.

What are Torp Lodges?

Top lodges are bespoke, sustainable holiday lodges. Designed using natural materials and strong geometric forms, Torp represents a defined aesthetic; focussing on bringing luxury to the natural surrounding environment.

Who designs and builds Torp Lodges?

Torp lodges are designed by Samlingen and developed by a team of specialist architects. Our Torp lodges are then assembled in our factory, before being transferred to their plot. See how here.

Where can I purchase a Torp Lodge in the UK?

Torp lodges are exclusive to Landal Greenparks, and are available to invest in, at our Scotland-based Landal Belvedere and Landal Barnsoul sites. They are available to invest on a holiday buy-to-let basis from us. Speak with our team today for more information.

How eco-friendly / sustainable are Torp Lodges?

Torp lodges are not only beautiful to look at, but also tick a variety of sustainability boxes. Featuring timber frames, eco-friendly lighting, and energy conservation measures just to name a few. Find out more about our eco-lodges here.

Where can I see a Torp Lodge?

Torp lodges are available in the UK at our Landal Belvedere and Landal Barnsoul sites. But if you can’t wait to see them, take a look at our stand at the Grand Designs Live 2021 where we give you the Torp Lodge tour.

How much does a Torp Lodge cost?

We have four types of Torp lodge varying in price, 1 Bed Gold, 2 Bed Prime, 3 Bed Premium, and 4 Bed VIP. Speak with our team today for more information on individual pricing.

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