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Yes, the Park freeholder is Apple Invest Ltd
Development finance for the leisure and tourism industry, and in particular for lodge parks, is not as competitive as the residential, commercial, and retail market. Thus, with minimal choice, fees and interest charged is extremely high. This opens an opportunity for private investors to receive above average renal returns as the developer is able to pass on a percentage of the savings in finance costs.

GladePark Investments are the exclusive selling agents for purpose built Landal GreenParks holiday parks. Landal GreenParks is the managing agent, Apple Invest is the park developer.

Landal GreenParks received The British Travel Award in 2019 for the best medium sized UK family holiday company. Landal Belvedere won Best Family Holiday Park Developer – Scotland in Build Construction and Engineering Awards 2022.

GladePark Investments are not a FCA registered company.
GladePark Investments and Landal GreenParks are two separate companies with GladePark being the exclusive selling agent and Landal being the park operator.

The lodge plots increase in value during the park development, there is more value in a lodge plot that is part of an operating holiday park with facilities and amenities as opposed to simply one singular lodge

Holiday parks in the UK fall outside the remit for property conveyancing by a solicitor

Landal Barnsoul is open and operational! Landal Belvedere development is underway, with the first phase of newly installed lodges due to open Q1 2025.

No, there are no site fees or any management fees. There are no hidden costs and no deductions from your quarterly income.
No, our lodge plots are Stamp Duty exempt.
No, everything is taken care of on your behalf by the management company.
The designated management company is Landal GreenParks.
The lodge plots can generate 8% NET income.
There is no ground rent payable.

Yes! Our office is located in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex. We’re always happy for you to pop in and have a chat with us. You can find our address and opening hours here.

Not only are they stunning to look at, but Torp Lodges also tick a number of boxes for sustainability, which the conscious consumer is keen to see in their holiday stay. Featuring timber frames, eco-friendly lighting, and energy conservation measures, the lodges can also be provided with solar panels and living roofs.

As well as the lodges themselves, featuring timber frames, eco-friendly lighting, and energy conservation measures, the park prioritises reducing our environmental impact through our zero landfill policy, ban on single-use plastics, extensive tree planting and wildflower meadows and use of renewable energy sources including PhotoVoltaic (PV) and wind-powered energy.

Top lodges are bespoke, sustainable holiday lodges. Designed using natural materials and strong geometric forms, Torp represents a defined aesthetic; focussing on bringing luxury to the natural surrounding environment.

Discover more about our Torp lodges, including frequently asked questions and 3D tour of the designs.

Using natural materials and strong geometric forms, Torp represents a defined aesthetic. Inspired by its Swedish designers, light defines the space by paying particular attention to how outdoor views can be enjoyed from all aspects of the interior, opening out from the exterior over the surrounding landscape.

Find out how they are made here. 

Torp lodges are exclusive to Landal Greenparks, and are available to invest in, at our Scotland-based Landal Belvedere and Landal Barnsoul sites. They are available to invest on a holiday buy-to-let basis from us. Speak with our team today for more information.

Torp lodges are designed by Samlingen and developed by a team of specialist architects. They are then assembled in our factory, before being transferred to their plot. See how here.

We offer a straightforward and hassle-free ‘hands-off’ alternative to investing in holiday buy-to-let properties, with everything fully-managed for you. No need to worry about the property or the holiday tenants. 

This is a zero maintenance ‘armchair investment’ meaning that you won’t need to lift a finger once you have invested. Everything is managed for you: marketing and renting out the property, handling upkeep and maintenance, and looking after guests. Find out more here.