About GladePark Investments

Forward-thinking, innovative and sustainable

A forward-thinking investment and development company, creating innovative and sustainable luxury property investment opportunities in the UK for the global community.

Who are GladePark Investments?

GladePark Investments are an industry-leading investment and development company that construct, design and manage luxury, sustainable holiday parks for investors in the global market. Our integrated approach ensures we deliver developments and opportunities to the highest industry standards.

With years’ worth of experience and knowledge in the industry, Andrew Anderson, founder of GladePark Investments, envisioned opening the property investment and development market up to private investors. Working in partnership with some of Europe’s most prominent industry leaders, Andrew and his highly skilled team are set to create world-renowned holiday resorts that will generate guaranteed secured investment opportunities for his clients for years to come.

GladePark Investment Brochure

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GladePark Investments brochure for holiday home investors

Our Values

At the heart of everything we do, is our core values. They ensure our team and investors know what to expect from us time and time again.


The relationship we hold with our investors and partners is built on trust. We are experienced, honest, and pride ourselves on a history of success. We are backed by the best in the industry and only offer assured, low risk investment opportunities.


Forget the thousand-page contracts and confusing industry jargon, we like to get to the point. We are straight-talking, easy to read and hassle-free. We understand that investors are busy and projects move fast, so we operate with concise contracts and quick communication.


We believe that investment opportunities should be open to all. We are here to back private investors in an industry traditionally run by large, corporate firms. Whether you are a seasoned investor or just starting out, you invest a little or invest a lot;we are here to support you on your investment journey.


We are the future of investment, so we must invest in the future. We strive to be financially profitable whilst environmentally sustainable. We are conscious, respectful and responsible. Our investments are built to be sustainable and work with nature as a friend, not a foe.


We believe that the UK has some of the best investment opportunities globally. We are passionate about supporting the growth of the UK travel industry and strive to bring the best opportunities to the local communities in which we invest.


Where there is forward-thinking, progressiveness and creativity, there is innovation. We work with the best in the industry, to develop conscious, brave and innovative designs. We are exciting, contemporary, bold, and always open to new ideas.

The Torp Lodge: Exclusive to Landal GreenParks UK

A Contemporary Eco Lodge Like No Other

If you are looking to invest in the future of sustainable holiday park lodges, then the sophisticated design of Samligen’s Torp lodges are the solution.

Landal Greenpark Logo

Our Park Management Team

All our parks will be managed and operated by Landal GreenParks, an award-winning company with a 60+ year history and proven track record of managing large scale luxury holiday resorts successfully across Britain and Europe.

Start Your Investment Journey Today

Whether you’re new to investing or have years of experience, our luxury eco holiday lodge investment opportunities are a great choice. Speak to a member of our investment team today to learn how you can get involved with this exciting opportunity.

GladePark Investments brochure for holiday home investors

GladePark Investment Brochure

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