Who are our management partner, Landal GreenParks?

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As an industry-leading investment company that acquire buy to let holiday resort opportunities, GladePark Investments offer our clients a chance to invest in fixed-income buy-to-let lodges that can generate 8% NET yearly income for up to 5 years. Plus, to provide further peace of mind, our parks are managed and operated by industry leaders in hospitality and tourism, Landal GreenParks; an award-winning company with over 60 years of experience.

Landal GreenParks is one of the fastest-growing holiday brands in the UK, expanding over 230% in the first 3 years in the UK. Landal GreenParks consistently outperform on all other segments across the domestic park’s market to drive the very highest possible revenue for its partners.

Who are Landal GreenParks?

Landal GreenParks is a dynamic leader in the management and rental of holiday resorts located at the heart of nature. They employ over 3,500 employees at more than 100 parks across the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Denmark and Hungary – offering a total of almost 14,000 holiday accommodation units and campsite pitches. Each year, more than 3.2 million guests opt for Landal GreenParks, resulting in a total of 15.6 million overnight stays.

Each Landal GreenPakrs holiday resort offers the peace, surroundings and experience that their vacationers love, and Landal GreenParks is committed to a green and sustainable approach to holiday resorts.

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Sustainability: Landal GreenPark’s Green Key Certification

Landal GreenParks feels a close connection with its nearby surroundings and local areas, which is why they are committed to nurturing a positive relationship between nature,

the immediate environment in which they are located, and the people with whom they work. Landal call this sustainable and engaged entrepreneurship. The implementation of this approach differs per park because each one is unique but this proactive approach to sustainability has resulted in all Landal GreenParks’resort obtaining Green Key certification.

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Award-Winning Vision

This unique approach to marrying nature, local communities and vacationers was recognised in The British Travel Awards 2019 when Landal GreenParks UK was awarded Best Medium UK Family Holiday Company.

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