Our most popular questions answers

Our Most Popular Questions Answered

When it comes to investing with GladePark Investments, we understand that you may have questions. Whether you’re new seeking information or a long-time client looking for clarity, we’ve compiled this resource to provide you with quick and straightforward answers to your most pressing questions. Dive in to find the information you need, and if you don’t see your question here, feel free to reach out to our team for further assistance.

Is the investment guaranteed? Who is the guarantor?

– Yes, the Park freeholder is Apple Invest Ltd.

Why are the parks not funded by business loan?

– Development finance for the leisure and tourism industry, particularly for lodge parks, is not as competitive as other markets. This results in high fees and interest rates. However, this presents an opportunity for private investors to receive above-average rental returns due to cost savings in finance.

What is the business structure of GladePark Investments and what other businesses are connected to it?

– GladePark Investments serves as the exclusive selling agent for purpose-built Landal GreenParks holiday parks. Landal GreenParks is the managing agent, while Apple Invest is the park developer.

Have you received any awards or recognition from reputable bodies?

– Yes, Landal GreenParks received The British Travel Award in 2019 for the best medium-sized UK family holiday company, and Landal Belvedere won Best Family Holiday Park Developer – Scotland in the Build Construction and Engineering Awards 2022. GladePark Investments were also named as Best Holiday Lodge Park Developer by Build Construction and Engineering Awards in 2023.

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Are GladePark Investments FCA registered?

– No, GladePark Investments is not a registered FCA company.

How are GladePark Investments related to Landal GreenParks?

– GladePark Investments and Landal GreenParks are separate entities. GladePark Investments serves as the exclusive selling agent, while Landal GreenParks operates the parks.

Are GladePark Investments based in the UK?

– Yes, we are based in the UK.

How do the lodges increase in value?

– Lodge plots increase in value during park development. A lodge plot within an operating holiday park with facilities and amenities holds more value compared to a single lodge.

Is the freehold land landlocked by a third party that could control access and rights?

– No, the lodge plot is freehold, and anything outside the lodge plot is communal.

Are solicitors appointed by GladePark Investments?

– Holiday parks in the UK fall outside the remit for property conveyancing by a solicitor.

Where can I find reviews from other investors?

– Check out our reviews on Google.

Are Landal Barnsoul and Landal Belvedere operational?

– Landal Barnsoul is open and operational. Landal Belvedere development is in progress, with the first phase of newly installed lodges set to open in Q1 2025.

Eco Lodges

Are there any yearly site fees involved?

– No, there are no site fees or management fees. We have a transparent approach with no hidden costs or deductions from your quarterly income.

Do I have to pay Stamp Duty?

– No, our lodge plots are Stamp Duty exempt.

Do I have to pay Council Tax?

– Everything is taken care of on your behalf by the management company, Landal GreenParks.

What is the expected NET return?

– The lodge plots can generate an 8% NET income.

How much is the ground rent?

– There is no ground rent payable.

Can I come and speak with someone in person?

– Yes, our office is located in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex. Feel free to visit us during our office hours for a chat.

How eco-friendly/sustainable are Torp Lodges?

– Torp Lodges are designed with sustainability in mind, featuring timber frames, eco-friendly lighting, and energy conservation measures. Solar panels and living roofs can also be incorporated.

How eco-friendly/sustainable are your holiday parks?

– Our parks prioritize sustainability through a zero landfill policy, a ban on single-use plastics, extensive tree planting, wildflower meadows, and the use of renewable energy sources like PhotoVoltaic (PV) and wind-powered energy.

What are Torp Lodges?

Torp Lodges are bespoke, sustainable holiday lodges designed to bring luxury to the natural surroundings. They are exclusive to Landal GreenParks and available for investment.

How are Torp Lodges made?

Torp Lodges are designed by Samlingen and developed by a team of specialist architects. They are assembled in our factory before being placed on their plot.

How does this compare to investing in a buy-to-let holiday property?

– We offer a hassle-free ‘hands-off’ alternative to traditional holiday buy-to-let properties. Everything is fully managed for you, eliminating worries about property maintenance and tenant management. Learn more about this here.

How easy will my investment be to manage?

– This is a zero-maintenance ‘armchair investment.’ Once you’ve invested, you won’t need to lift a finger. We handle marketing, tenant management, upkeep, and guest services for you. Learn more here.

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With these FAQs and answers, we hope to provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions about investing with GladePark Investments. If you have any more questions or need further clarification, our team is always here to assist you.