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Plot Key

green box 2 bed prime eco lodges

2 Bed Prime Lodges

Blue box 3 bed premium eco lodges

3 Bed Premium Lodges

gold box 1 bed gold eco lodges

1 Bed Gold Lodges

Pink box 4 bed vip eco lodges

4 Bed VIP Lodges

Landal Belvedere Investment Brochure

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Sustainable Lodges

About Landal Belvedere

We’ve partnered with the architects at Studio Anyo to bring the UK an exclusive, Torp lodges. These sustainable lodges combine the beauty of nature, the comfort of home, and an exclusive hotel’s design to provide a truly unique retreat. From open-plan layouts with hot tubs and private landscaped terraces to additional games rooms and bar areas, our luxury lodges are state of the art and finished to the highest quality standard.

GladePark Investments prioritises reducing our environmental impact through our zero landfill policy, ban on single-use plastics, extensive tree planting and wildflower meadows and use of renewable energy sources including PhotoVoltaic (PV) and wind-powered energy.

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Landal Belvedere Investment Brochure

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