Inside the Factory: Making of Torp Lodges

inside the factory luxury torp lodge with solid wood frame being assembled

When investing in our sustainable luxury Torp lodges, you can guarantee quality and craftsmanship like no other. Featured at Grand Designs Live in 2021, these state-of-the-art eco holiday homes are purpose built with both the user and environment in mind.

Designed by Studio Anyo in partnership with Landal GreenParks, these stunning Torp lodges combine the outdoors, naturistic feeling, with the luxury of a modern hotel suite. Fitted with an open-plan kitchen-diner, master suite with a balcony, and additional bedrooms, it’s easy to see why the Scandinavian-style lodge is becoming an increasingly popular buy-to-let holiday investment.

We’re giving you a sneak peek inside the factory to see where these unique structures, bespoke to Landal GreenParks UK, come to life.

inside the factory luxury torp lodge for GladePark Investments being assembled

Our team of engineers precisely fit each uniquely designed part to the next, to gradually form the frame of the Torp lodge. Once assembled, the lodges are transported to our lodge plots, set in 160 acres of Scottish countryside in Landal Barnsoul.

Assembling the eco Torp lodges in the factory.

A walk around the factory where our luxury eco Torp lodges come to life.

The Torp lodge is transported in two halves by HGV from the factory to the lodge plot where it is re-assembled ready for the internal design fittings and fixtures to be added.

The entire process from the timber frame built in the factory to a full internal fit-out on-site takes just 8 weeks to complete.

The timber frames, energy efficient lighting, and energy conservation measures, alongside the ability to add solar panels and living roofs, are conscious adaptations to the traditional woodland lodge to bring the Torp lodge into the modern day with environmentally friendly adaptations.

These Scandinavian-style lodges demonstrate both sustainable luxury and quality craftsmanship.

Torp Lodges investment are part of our investment in sustainability. GladePark Investments prioritises reducing our environmental impact through our zero landfill policy, ban on single-use plastics, extensive tree planting and wildflower meadows and use of renewable energy sources including PhotoVoltaic (PV) and wind-powered energy.

Discover more about our Torp lodges, read our frequently asked questions and watch 3D tour of the designs.

How to invest in a Torp Lodge with GladePark Investments?

If you’re looking for a new holiday lodge investment, with the opportunity to invest in a fixed income buy to let lodge that generates 8% NET yearly income for up to 5 years, then GladePark Investments has the perfect opportunity for you.

We have a number of holiday investment opportunities across Scotland and the UK.

Whether you’re looking for your first investment or have experience in investing, our hassle free, buy to let holiday lodge investment opportunities are ideal for you. Speak with our team to start your journey with GladePark Investments.